Underage members of Taliban

30 Oct

Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy presented to an audience fragments from her documentary video called “Children of Taliban”. Video describes how children are brainwashed at training camps of Talibans after being taken far away from their families in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Video also tells us these children are not allowed to listen to radio, watch TV, keeps up on news. If someone breaches regulations, severely get punished. In other word they live in full isolations.

As journalists we analyzed this video and came to decision that there are though some suspicious moments, like how filmmaker went inside that school and interviewed those young camp graduates? It is clear how difficult to prepare material about Talibans, their rules and life. Usually, when newsperson goes to such places, details of everything could be described about getting there. However, it is unclear to viewer how she managed to find her interviewees and convince them to give interview. These questions don’t find its answers in this video and became dubious about it, as she did not speak to parents of those children. At least she could have questioned one family whose child joined Taliban group.


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