How Azerbaijani youth see solution of housing problem?

1 Nov

Law draft about social protection of young families is being prepared and going to be discussed in the near future in Azerbaijan. Two problems will be taken into consideration in this project which concerns most young people. One of them unemployment and another is giving long term soft loans to young families, to provide them with a flat and land. But what how do Azerbaijani youth think about solution of housing problem? Which suggestions do they have? In order to investigate it ,we conducted survey among 5 people, aged between 19-26.

21 year old, the student of the Azerbaijan Technical University Elvin Farzali says, “Younger spends four year study at university, then 2 years master and service in army takes a year.” He ask a question: At age 24 how long we should work to be able to buy a flat? He stressed that, “Many says that you have to work in governmental work to be eligible for mortgage however their salary is less and the price of houses is very expensive. New workplaces must be opened, discount on mortgage is necessary for those who get low salary.”

23 year old girl who doesn’t want to tell her name works in the Azerbaijan Oil Academy as general laboratory assistant. “In our university we have many old staff. I want they to retire and replace them with young, well-educated staff,” she says. She thinks, salary is the main problem in Azerbaijan. She considers, if salary is decent , all problems will be solved.”

“Apartment is as inaccessible for us ,” says 26 year old Saida Adigozelova. She adds that when my father or mother was at my age, they could buy a house. “How can I afford to buy a flat with 250-300 manat salary?” she asks. “ It would be better if salary goes up a little bit higher.”

Royal Niftaliyev is 19 year old, chef. He thinks, if government helps to allocate money from the budget to the people, youth can solve their problems. “Money is given only to rich people and they become richer,” she adds.

20 year old student, Turkan Abdurrahmanova expresses solution of this problem with one sentence. “First of all there must be a good work, good salary, then will be flat and happiness.”

By Vusala Hasretli


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