What is your main source of news?

2 Nov

How people receive and process news is changing rapidly nowadays. Try to remember the most recent stories heard yesterday. Sandy storm hit US  east cost, Presidential campaign in US and etc. Where did you get most of your information? Where did you hear it first? In the past, most people tuned to a few sources to learn about what was going on in the world and country. Maybe it was an only TV channel or a favorite columnist in the morning paper. Today, people are getting their updates from dozens of different places. It could be social media, blogs and other sources. In order to determine where most people get info I conducted public opinion poll in central part of Baku, in Azerbaijan among 25 people, age 18 and older.

Tarana Agamaliyeva , 55 , housewife “TV is my favorite news source, but usually when I am in a bus or on the road I listen to FM radio for news” she said. Asif Bayramov, 25 , street vendor , says he is too busy to watch TV that is why his primary source for news is his mobile. “I go home late , sometimes even at 9 p.m and get very tired , so I don’t feel well to watch news on TV, usually when I have time I try to get news from my phone by going online” says Asif.

Non-internet users said that local TV channels and word of mouth is an important source of information for them. Elgun Mammadov , 55 , a school teacher, says he gets news from local TV channels and his colleagues at work. “I like ANS  channel, and watch their news bulletin each evening, sometimes when I can not watch next morning I find out news from my co-workers and friends ” he said.

Another respondent Samir Camilov, 22, student of journalism school at BSU says he does not trust to local channels for this reason watches mainly satellite televisions. “I don’t believe to our channels, sometimes they exaggerate news, that is why mostly I watch cable or satellite TV” he said.

“I sit at home all the time, do not go out much because my legs are sick, now came to have a fresh air with my grandson, I only watch TV for news 67 year old pensioner Ariza Imanova said.

According to the result of my poll most of respondents said that the television is the source that they most rely on for news . More than half of questioned people in the poll said they get news from TV while others said online, newspaper and word of mouth.

Baku, By Vusal Azizov



2 Responses to “What is your main source of news?”

  1. Aysel Salimli November 2, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    İmkanınız varsa mətnlərin içərisinə mövzuya uyğun şəkillər yerləşdirin. Çünki belə olduqda mətn nə qədər maraqlı olsa da, quru görünür və oxucuda maraq yaratmır.

    • Chase_Us November 2, 2012 at 7:20 am #

      We will take into account.

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