Richard Morningstar: Continue to support civil society

11 Jun



The American edition “Foreign Policy” published an article criticizing the USAID for providing a million grant for the pro-governmental NGO in Azerbaijan, which prepares a reactionary amendments restricting rights and freedoms.

    How to explain the allocation of funds for measures to restrict democracy? Answering this question  from Turan, the  U.S. Ambassador, Richard Morningstar, said that all grants are given with a single purpose – to support democracy. However in this case the talk is not about it, it is about the effectiveness and implementation of these grants.
   No one is saying that the development of democracy  is a simple process. “I can say that we will continue to work actively with civil society towards the development and promotion of democracy. We also continue to work with the government in this direction,” he said.
  Being asked about the fate of the National Institute for Democracy (NDI), the ambassador said he had already spoken on this topic a few days ago.
  “The Azerbaijani authorities have  told me  that the question on NDI has been solved,  and this organization will continue to support civil society. I gave this response after clarification of how the million dollars  were spent,” said the ambassador.

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